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Dog Training Service At DITW

“I love my dog so much that I will spare that sofa for it to chew!” Yes, we all love our dogs, we make sure that they get vaccinated , enjoy their routine daily walks, socialize with other dogs in a dog daycare and get them cleaned and pretty in a dog grooming Spaw.

More importantly, dog training is a big part of owning a dog. It helps you communicate correctly and effectively, creating a respectful and bonding relationship between you and your dog!

Without training, dogs will not be able to behave appropriately in different environments. As an experienced dog owner, you might be able to teach your dog basic commands at home; but training classes will certainly provide important guidance and help you achieve the best result.

Group classes also help improve your dog’s social skills so that it can enjoy other canine friends without any distraction or stress..

Dog Training Service

When Should Dog Training Begin?

Whether you have puppies or adult dogs, training is a must. Training your dog can start as early as 12 weeks. It is important that you start as early as possible but also stick to training for a longer period of time. Why? Because, same as humans, dogs go through development phases and develop new behaviors that you may want to improve.

Also, teaching commands and behaviors effectively takes time and consistency. Training puppies at an early age is easier and more effective than later age. This certainly does not mean that training adult dogs is impossible. The important thing is that you should not wait to see unwanted behavior to start the training process.

If you are looking for a Dog training facility in Toronto, DITW offers the best affordable and qualified trainers to educated you and train your dog in the right environment.

Things DITW Teaches Your Dog

Maybe you are a great leader at work, but as soon as you return home, you leave all of the authority behind the doors, because you know you have a soft spot for the sweet new members of your family.

But you should know that dogs are very smart, and when they don’t receive mentoring or guidance from their owners, they start to take control by showing improper behavior.

DITW classes help you as a pet owner to get familiar with the way dogs see the world. So, we believe that you have an opportunity to shape the behavior and character in your dog through positive reinforcement based on rewarding. This has proven to be a great way to train attentive, confident and polite dogs.

Dog Obedience Training

How many times have you decided to leave your dog at home because you are afraid or worried that they might run after a squirrel and maybe have an accident on the streets? Teaching your dog manners will come in handy at all the times, especially if your dog is a large breed.

On the other hand, unlike many people, dogs like to have a job and follow the rules that are set for them. So teaching them obedience is a win-win for you as a pet owner,parent and also for your dog.

Obedience lessons come in three levels. They start with basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘come’ to the advanced off-leash training. It requires a lot of patience from you and your dog to go through all the levels.

At DITW, we help you facilitate this process and take confident, bold and right steps toward having a well-balanced and sociable dog.

Dog Obedience Training

What Age is Best to Train a Puppy?

Puppies are very receptive to learning during their first 10-22 weeks. So, you can start training your dog as early as 10 to 11 weeks.

What Commands

What Commands Does DITW Teach Dogs?

In basic training classes, your dog will learn to recognize its name and also follow a couple of common commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘stand’ and ‘leave it’. They will also get familiar with polite greetings.

Another important thing that they will learn in basic sessions is how to walk leashed. The distance between you and your dog and also the environmental distractions will increase gradually to help your dog recognize your voice and commands in busy places.

Training classes are not just for dogs. As an owner, you can also take advantage of learning how to deal with your dog’s behaviour at home, and you can address any specific issues regarding your dog with the trainer. You will also get to know how to use positive reinforcement to shape good habits in your dog.

Bigger issues are not going to be solved in basic classes, so private lessons are the way to go. We provide one-on-one private lessons upon request.

How Long Are Dog Training Sessions?

The number of training sessions depends on your dog’s age, breed, and previous training but 5 to 7 sessions that are held once or twice a week will give your dog the proper amount of training for the first Level 1 class.
At DITW, the first level classes are held in 7 sessions for about 2 months. Each session is one hour. The sessions are mostly scheduled in the evenings to fit customers who have day jobs.

Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes

At DITW, puppies and dogs will engage in a friendly and playful environment where they can socialize and learn how to understand and follow cues. In these classes, you and your dogs will learn to establish trust. After the classes our dogs will master controlling impulses, getting back to you in emergency recalls, developing consistency, and differentiating between verbal and visual cues.

Training Schedule

Training Schedule

It is highly recommended to have a daily schedule for walking , playing , training as well as time to spend in crate for your puppies.
Puppies have short attention span and training sessions should not be longer than 5 minutes

Private Dog Training

At DITW, we can also arrange private sessions for you and your dog, in case you have any concerns about your dog’s behavior beyond the basic manners, or if the time and place of the classes do not fit you.

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Training schedule & upcoming classes

Puppy obedience level 1

Starting on Nov 4th, 2020 at 5 pm
$200 +HST
5 sessions ( each class is  45 minutes)


Starting on Nov 25th at 5 pm
$200 +HST
5 sessions (each class is 45 minutes)

Obedience level 2

Please Contact 

Upon request:

Group classes after Level 3 – reach out for more info (based on demand)

Private lessons – customized to your needs (scheduling flexible)


All courses are once a week

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