How many dogs do you walk at a time?

The maximum number of dogs being walked at the same time is 2 per walker.

Do you let dogs off leash outside?

No, the dogs will always be on the leash when they go for walks.

Is someone always supervising the dogs?

We always have at least two staff members with our dogs.

Can you administer my dog his/her medications?

Yes. We will administer pills, drops and ointments while we care for your pet.

Please write the dog’s name, dosage, name of the medicine and the dosage time on the package.

Why is my dog tired when he or she comes home?

Our dogs have spent the day exercising and having fun. They have had the opportunity to use their energy in a happy, safe and fun way.

How do you handle dogs that are playing too rough?

We have playground supervisors present at all times .When play gets rough, our staff take necessary actions by distracting the dogs, moving rough players to other areas for time outs and encouraging dogs to calm down.

Are there separate groups for small and large dogs?

Yes! We have three separate areas for dogs of different sizes and temperaments to play in.

How often should my dog attend daycare?

Dogs can attend any number of the days during the week. We recommend that you keep the same schedule for the comfort of your dog.

Why do you require that my dog be spayed or neutered?

It has been our experience that intact dogs will be singled out and picked on by dominant male and female members of the pack. As well an intact female may release pheromones when coming into heat that would cause conflict, and instability within the pack. In order to keep our play regulated and fun and provide a happy, healthy non-competitive environment for our guests, we cannot accept intact males over 7 months and intact females over 1 year old into our facility.

How many times do you walk the dogs per day?

We walk the dogs that are in our care for full day twice.

The dogs that stay for less than 5 hours will be walked once; however, if we notice that a dog needs to go out, we will certainly take it out.

How old does my dog need to be to attend daycare?

Dogs must be a minimum of 4 months of age and have had its first rabies vaccination. Dog Daycare includes a lot of exercise and we want to make sure that all of our guests are physically mature enough to participate in a safe way.

If my dog fails the assessment test, does it mean he/she can not join the daycare?

Not necessarily. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to offer options other than group daycare. Some senior dogs, for example, may not be interested in participating in group play, but they may enjoy watching the group from a safe distance or interacting with an individual dog. We can provide individual playtime and exercise time in many instances. If your dog is overly fearful or overly aggressive Doggie in the Window may not be the right place for your dog.. If that is the case we will be happy to refer you to an experienced trainer that may be able to help overcome behaviours that are hindering your dog’s participation in group play.

What if my dog is extremely shy?

Extremely shy dogs are often not good candidates for daycare. Being around other dogs causes them stress. Any such issues will be evaluated and discussed with the owner.

Training maybe a great option to increase socialization.

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