Our dogs mean the world to us, which is why we want them to be happy and balanced dogs. We want to fulfil their needs and make sure they are taken care of in the best possible way. Let’s start by how we would like them to spend their days when they are not with us.


We are certified professionals with many years of experience who provide your pup with everything they possibly need while in our care. We take responsibility for your pup’s well-being and their enjoyment throughout the day.

Doggie in the Window is one of the best dog daycare facilities you can find in Toronto. We make sure our facility is properly cleaned and provides a safe and fun environment for your fur babies to become more confident, find new friends, get tons of cuddles and enough time to balance their energy and relaxation.

Our services include the following:


Dog day care
Dog Training
Dog Grooming
Dog Daycare With outdoor


Although we don’t have a dog daycare with outdoor space, we are dedicated to give your pup as much outdoor time as we can.

This means, your dog gets two walks a day if they stay for a full day or one walk a day, if they stay for half a day at our facility.We space out the time between those walks in a way that make sense for each and every dog and will do our best for them to get what they need.

Our walks are 10-15 minutes long and give them the chance to explore the area around our facility.

It also gives them the opportunity to sniff and calm down from the fun playtime inside and do their business outside.


Not only does our dog day care include walks, we also offer dog daycare with pick up, if you ever need this additional service.

This means, we will help you sort out logistics around your schedule if your dog is in our care.

We will be there to pick them up, walk them, engage with them at the daycare and drop them off at your convenience.

This makes scheduling easy and gives you the opportunity to plan with lots of flexibility.

 Dog Daycare With Pickup


This is one of the topics we cannot empathize enough on. The benefits of a doggie daycare are endless. First and foremost your dog spends time in a safe, fun and relaxing environment in which humans and dogs are engaging with them. Your dog is taken care of and doesn’t have to spend long periods of time alone at home. Our services are designed to make you and your pup feel at ease and help you schedule around your busy life.


On top of the other benefits, dog daycare can also play an important role in your dog’s socialization process. Have you ever gotten the chance to meet a service dog? Well, the biggest and most important thing for these dogs is socialization. Without that, they could never learn what they are meant to do in their lives. When socialized well, any dog can be a well-balanced dogs and that is exactly what we all want to achieve with our dogs.


Many people ask themselves the questions if a daycare can be enjoyable for their dog. We say “Of course”! They are meeting and playing with their friends and we have wonderful staff that gives them attention and affection. On top of that, we make sure to provide your dog with anything they may need during their stay at our facility and update you when you pick them up.


Anyone! Dog daycare is for everyone. No matter what work schedule or what your current life situation is, Dogge in the window is there for you and your dog, no matter what. Our package deals make it really easy to simply drop your dog off at any time. Whether you are trying to exercise, stimulate, or socialize your dog, dog daycare provides it all. If you doubt that dog daycare is for you… get in touch and we can figure out the best service for you and your pup.


Many shift workers heavily benefit from daycare services.
There are days where they need care for 12 hours or more
and we are happ to be there to support you.
It’s incredibly important to still provide the care your dog needs,
which can be tough when working longer shifts.
No matter how tough it may be, we will try to provide
the most customized services to cater to our clients needs.


Our dog day care cost is worth every penny, because we care about how your dog spends his/her day at daycare. We offer many different dog daycare packages. From half days, to full days, to 2 hour play time and much more. Why? Because we understand that not everyone can afford a full week of daycare, we decided to offer packages designed to help make the daily care more affordable. Don’t miss out on saving a great deal!


Dog training plays a big role in your dogs socialization skills. Without dog training and without exposing them to other dogs your dog will have a hard time learning how to behave and socialize in public. Not only will you learn how to teach your dog the most important commands, it also helps you bond and build a strong and respectful relationship between you and your dog. Finding the right trainer isn’t always easy. Our wonderful and professional trainers offer all levels of group classes, including Level 1,2 & 3. In those classes your puppy gets a head start on socialization. Additionally, we offer private dog training and behavioural consults in which individual needs can be discussed.


Grooming your dog is very important. A lot of our fur babies require lots of care. Their coats need to be washed, brushed and/or trimmed. Their nails need to be trimmed, their ears and teeth need to cleaned and much more. Our dog care here in Toronto offers a wide range of dog grooming services. Our groomers are experienced professionals and provide the best care for your dog. Come see for yourself.


We would love to meet you and your dog and provide you with more detailed information on how our dog daycare works, what we focus on and how we approach things. Our dog grooming is the best in the area and we always try to accommodate the owners wishes. We make sure all dogs feel safe and well taken care of. Our dog training is based on positive reinforcement and is available to all dogs. No matter what level they are in or how old they are. Come stop by at our store or give us a call – We would love to get to know you!



Pre-Paid Packages

*All Pre-Paid Packages must be used within 3 months of purchase

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